• color assessment cabinets.png
    - Consist of D65, TL64, CWF, UV and F/A - Suitable for all industries where there is a need to maintain colour consistency and quality - Used in many industry such as automobile in...

  • esterlam.png
    ESTERLAM - Easy to use - Save ink - Suitable use with water ink and uv ink - 30 m./box

  • เทป-tip-tape.png
    TIP TAPE - Use to stick on the corner of hanger bar- High adhesive - Width 48 mm. X length 50 m.

  • น้ำยา-Solvent-Deep-Cleaner.png
    SOLVENT DEEP CLEANER - Use to wash solvent based ink - Contain 20 kg/Gallon

  • แปรงไนลอน.png
    NYLON BRUSHES- Use to clean photopolymer plate and engraving rubber - Use to wash ink in the gap of alphabet for sharper print

  • tester-pen.png
    POLYTEST DYNE 30-40 - Treatment on plastic surface on prepress- Easy to use- Use for treatment in range of 38-40 dyne QUICK TEST DYNE 30-40 - Treatment on plastic su...

  • resize-1491541024185.png
    - anilox roll can made to order (ceramic/chrome)